Jazz Up Those Empty Wine Bottles

There are plenty of ideas you can try if you want to recycle your empty wine bottles. Rather than tossing them out, read on to see just how you can preserve and repurpose them, like what Better Homes and Gardens did.

1.    Candle Holder

Your empty bottles of wine still amount to something, so throwing them away would be a bit of a waste. Use it as a candle holder by basically cutting the glass and placing a candle within the bottle. You can give it as a gift or you can keep it for your home.

2.    Use it to Display Flowers

A trend these days is to transform wine bottles as flower holders during special celebrations. Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your own bridal shower, these bottles come in handy. Colored or clear ones will do the work. You can also add some jazz by painting it or adding washi tapes. 

3.    Add zest using Spray Paint

A wine bottle makes for a distinct centerpiece. Spray paint it and see how big a difference it can make. You may also style it with vinyl lettering for added impact. If you want to give it as a gift, just add the appropriate wordings and it’s good to go!

4.    Unleash your Inner Artist

There are spray paints called sea glass that is being sold to help you out in revamping your empty wine bottles into a frosty-looking vase. Unleash the artist in you by drawing or painting on it according to the theme you have in mind. Display it at home in a spot where the design fits best.    

5.    Add a Metallic Touch

Take your spray painting game to the next level by using something metallic. It can add sparkle and shine to your old wine bottle with just a stroke.  A metallic wine bottle can function as a great centerpiece especially during a special occasion like New Year’s Eve.

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