Redesigning Backyards Made More Convenient with Yardzen

With the advent of today’s modern technology, one can easily obtain what he wants with just a single tap of their phones – be it ordering food, hiring an electrician, or even having your home decorated. But we surely haven’t heard or seen a service that tackles backyards.

But the good thing is that there is now a service that will surely help you with your backyard redesign and beautification needs. Meet Yardzen – a website that allows you to redesign your backyard according to your specifications, all from your smartphone.

The Birth of Yardzen

Yardzen was a bright idea that came from the brilliant minds of couple Allison and Adam Messner when their backyard was ravaged by the California wildfires that happened in 2017. They have used their knowledge in tech entrepreneurship to come up with a solution to a problem not only them are facing.

The couple used their own home as their first trial run. They have made a list of complexities and tried to create a solution out of them. After which, they found a landscape designer and provided all the needed info. The landscape designer was a bit of skeptical at first, but it worked flawlessly after they have used the software they created.

How Yardzen Works

Users first select one of the three packages that Yardzen offers. Packages include partial yard for $995, full yard for $1,499 and plant only or botanical package for $495. Next, they fill out a design profile on the Yardzen website. The user will then upload a video of their yard space using their phone. Yardzen will then pair the user with a landscape designer, and he will use the video and satellite imagery to craft a rendering of their backyard.

When rendering is complete, the designer will now develop a plan. Upon approval of the homeowner, the designer will now order the plants and Yardzen will pair him up with a pre-vetted contractor that stays in touch during the whole installation process to ensure that everything goes well. Right now, Yardzen is only available in the Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, Houston and Austin. but the company is considering expanding the service to more areas across the United States.

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